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Events & Exhibits: 2008 Exhibits

2008 Exhibits

From the Pen to Pencil 
Charcoal portraits by students of  UNC Asheville's Correctional Education program in three western North Carolina Correctional Institutions.  
Opening Reception will be Tuesday November 18 at 2pm. 
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The World of the Medieval Scribe 
In our modern electronic world the future of the written book is uncertain, but UNC Asheville students have been working on a collaborative project in the Classics and Philosophy departments to preserve the information contained in the laboriously handwritten texts of the Middle Ages. This exhibit showcases their work and documents the opportunities this unique research has opened for their academic future in the Humanities.
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Jubilation Series by Cecilia Frederic
An exhibition of mixed media paintings by Cecilia Frederic, in collaboration with her daughter, Abigail, will be on display October 2 - November 1 in the Blowers Gallery.
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Earthly Impressions by Catherine Murphy
Copper sculpture
September 3 - 30, 2008 
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2008 Staff & Faculty Art Showcase
Photography, painting, needlepoint, basket making, pottery, woodworking and more by talented members of the staff and faculty of UNC Asheville.  Participating are: Cheryl Alderman, Judith Bohan, Ann Cadle, Robin Daugherty, Tony Delaurents, Elaine Fox, Alan Hantz, David Hopes, Jill Lenox, Alex Levenson, Charles McKnight, Tracie Pouliot, Norm Richards, Jacquelyn Schechter, Jo Steininger, Leigh Svenson and Barbara Terry.
(Left: Painting by Tracie Pouliot)
Folk Art by Leroy Baxter
An exhibition of mixed media collage by Leroy Baxter will be on display from July 1- August 1.
Reflections of the Soul: Endangered Species' Portraits by Shannon Rupert
Drifting Off to Dream by Gwendolyn Saltz
A joint exhibition of recent paintings by UNC Asheville graduates Shannon Rupert and Gwendolyn Saltz will be on display June 2 through 27 in the Blowers Gallery.  An opening reception will take place in the lobby on Sunday, June 8, from 6:30 - 8:30 pm.
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The Modern World in Ancient Stories by Julia Smith
An exhibition of intaglio and letterpress pieces by UNC Asheville B.A. candidate Julia Smith will be on view April 30 through May 30 in the Blowers Gallery.  An opening reception will take place Wednesday, April 30, from 5-7 pm in the lobby.
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Boxes and Paintings by Joyce Blunk
An exhibition of intricate assemblage and mixed media pieces by local artist Joyce Blunk is on view April 1 through 25 in the Blowers Gallery.
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Salsa Snack! by Cade Carlson
An exhibition of mixed media and spray paint by UNC Asheville senior Cade Carlson is on view March 10 through 31 in Ramsey Library's third floor gallery.  An opening reception will be held Thursday, March 13, from 6-8 pm in the lobby.
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Recycling by the Western North Carolina Fiber Arts Alliance
An exhibit of fiber arts by members of the Western North Carolina Fiber Arts Alliance is on view March 1 through 31 in the Blowers Gallery.  A reception will be held in the gallery Tuesday, March 4, from 3:30-5:30 pm.
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Sharing the Chores: Works on Paper by Jonathan Green
An exhibition of hand-drawn lithographs and a hand-pulled serigraph by the renowned artist Jonathan Green is on display from January 14 through February 28 in the Blowers Gallery.  The images portray the importance of shared work, rituals and tradition in the Gullah communities of the South Carolina low country.  A reception will be held Tuesday, February 5, from 6-8pm in the lobby.  Special guest speaker Harry Harrison, Director of the YMI Cultural Center, will begin his talk at 7pm in the gallery.  Exhibit is graciously sponsored by Ramsey Library and the Office of the Chancellor.
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