Staff & Faculty
Art Showcase

We take particular pleasure in presenting this diverse and creative show, as the artists behind these works are each part of the UNCA Staff and Faculty community. 

This annual exhibit represents an opportunity to learn more about some of the individuals who you may know from a completely different context here at UNCA. 

We celebrate their talent, their art, and their craft, and we invite you to do the same. 

(right: sculpture by Norm Richards and painting by David Hopes)

 This year’s show features an array of different mediums, from photography and painting to needlepoint, basket making, pottery, and woodworking. 

Art exhibition participants are Cheryl Alderman, Judith Bohan, Ann Cadle, Robin Daugherty, Tony Delaurents, Elaine Fox, Alan Hantz, David Hopes, Jill Lennox, Alex Levenson, Charles McKnight, Tracie Pouliot, Norm Richards, Jacquelyn Schechter, Jo Steininger, Leigh Svenson and Barbara Terry.

(Left: Painting by Charles McKnight)

Staff and Faculty Art Exhibit Aug. 12-29.
Reception Aug 22 from 4-6pm in Blowers Gallery. 

(Right: Baskets by Jill Lennox and Robin Daugherty)

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