Figures in Repose
Oil Paintings by UNC Asheville student Madelon Shawn Peck


This exhibit is the culmination of Madelon Shawn Pecks' work toward a bachelor's degree in art.

The exhibit will be on display May 14 - May 30.

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Artist's Statement

The human body is a visual spectacle in both art and life. It is visually on display, as a form that is universally familiar to all of human kind. The human body encapsulates the internal state of being as well as the external characteristics of the individual. The internal condition is the force that animates the physical, making the human form both superficial and elucidating.

This series of oil paintings renders the human form asleep, which denies the active consciousness of the subject; it also presents the subject outside of a normally perceived context. To render a person asleep is to capture their uninhibited behavior. One focus of the series is the activation of the artistís own subjective experience, through the elimination of the modelís conscious personality. It is the desire of the artist to expose the human form in a way that is vulnerable and unintimidating in order to emphasize the power structure involved in the viewing and creation of art.

To observe an unfamiliar person asleep is a breach of privacy, an intrusion. While the figure is in repose, the gaze of the artist and audience becomes the act of trespassing, of actively viewing a person without interaction or permission. It is in this lack of acknowledgment, lack of conscious perception by the model or human being that the observer becomes a trespasser. In this moment, while the figure is sleeping we are able to view the unflattering, unpretentious and unconscious human form. The posturing and positioning of the model is not influenced by modesty or the perception of being seen. The series utilizes the silent gaze, the theft of a moment not realized by the model.

- Madelon Shawn Peck







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