Birds of Varying Degrees
Ceramics by UNC Asheville student Amber Harrelson-Williams


This exhibit is the culmination of Amber Harrelson-Williams' work toward a bachelor's degree in art, with a concentration in ceramics.

The exhibit will be on display April 30 - May 13.

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Artist's Statement

“Birds of Varying Degrees” is the culmination of my work as a UNC-Asheville art major with a concentration in ceramics. My pieces are wheel-thrown porcelain forms that are decorated with slips and underglazes. The application of images to my work allows me to enjoy different methods of artistic expression while retaining the functionality of ceramics. I chose to use porcelain because of the clean, white “canvas” that it creates. I decorate my work with bird images because they represent a connection between humans and the natural world. While birds are indeed wild animals, they are one of the few types of wild creatures that humans encounter on an everyday basis. With my work, I hope to remind viewers of the simple, natural beauty that can be found in the form of a bird perched on a branch or hopping on the lawn.

Because clay comes directly from the earth, there is an intrinsic relationship between ceramics and the natural world. The use of natural images in my ceramic work is my way of acknowledging our debt to the earth and strengthening our relationship with the natural environment. I hope to promote viewers’ appreciation of natural beauty with everyday ceramic objects that are pleasant and enjoyable. As Pierre-Auguste Renoir so eloquently put it, “…a picture should be a pleasant thing, joyful and pretty—yes pretty! There are quite enough unpleasant things in life without the need for us to manufacture more.”

- Amber Harrelson-Williams






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