The Homecoming
Collage Sculptures
by Betsy Murray



Always drawn to miniatures and dioramas, Betsy Murray creates three dimensional collages designed to give an illusion of depth in a small space. She last showed her work in 1990 when the old Ramsey Library space closed for renovation. She had loved working in the old space and nostalgically called her show “The Closing.” Now in “The Homecoming” she returns to Ramsey Library to share the experiences and ideas of the past twenty years. In “The Homeplace” she tells the story of her loss of a Madison County cabin in a 2004 mudslide. In “The Tarot” four sculptures represent the four suits of the Tarot, With photographs of the sculptures, Betsy creates a new deck of cards. “Journey of a Princess” retells the story of Sleeping Beauty. Betsy Murray’s unusual and very personal constructions will be on display throughout the month of March in Blowers Gallery in UNCA Ramsey Library.

The exhibit will be on display March 1-30.

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