Environmental Impressions
Linoleum prints by
UNC Asheville BA of Art student Monica Miller

Opening Reception Thursday, January 15th at 5:00 PM



Monica Miller's work has been featured in Metabolism, UNCA's student-run quarterly magazine dedicated to literature and the arts.  Her works have been displayed in the Tucker Cooke Gallery in a student art show and a juried art show, both in 2008.  Monica is currently a student art teacher at Owen High School.

The exhibition will be on display from January 13th to January 30th, 2009.

Artist's Statement

The inspiration for my artwork came from pictures that I took while traveling in Singapore, China and New Zealand. Each country’s culture, symbols and the beautiful plants and animals in their environments inspired me.  I focused on nature as the main subject in my artwork because I wanted the viewers of my work to remember how beautiful and precious nature is. I also wanted the viewers to realize that the things they do and the choices they make in their lives effect the environment in which they live in. We are in a pivotal point in time in which we need to make good decisions concerning our environment and strive to preserve the natural beauty of our planet.

I decided to focus in printmaking because it was the area in art that I knew the least about. I chose to work with linoleum because I enjoy being able to carve my linoleum plate at home and I don’t have to use harsh chemicals to transfer my image onto the plate. I enjoy the process of carving because it is both therapeutic and meditative. It is easy to get into a rhythm when carving linoleum, especially while listening to music. I use the repeating patterns that I observe in nature, to create movement in my artwork. 

            I used water-soluble ink to print with so that I did not have to use chemicals to clean up. I printed my linocuts on rice paper because of its transparent quality and it is more eco-friendly than printing on paper that is made entirely from trees.

            During the process of making art for my show I started to miss working with colors so I decided to experiment with incorporating it into some of my pieces. I used the reductive printing technique, which was also used by Picasso, in which I only use one piece of linoleum to print the multiple layers of color. I chose to use this process because it is less wasteful than using a separate linoleum plate for each color that I print.  With my artwork I try to use materials that have the least negative impact on the environment and I try to inspire the viewers of my work to appreciate the environment as much as I do. 

-Monica Miller


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