f/32 Photography

The diverse individuals of Western North Carolina who are members of the group known as f/32 are young and old, professionals and amateurs.  Our common bond is that we share a love of photography and what it can show us about our world.


Our members use all types of equipment in the creation of their photographs.  From traditional film and darkroom work to the most advanced digital techniques, each photographer is free to choose the method which best interprets his or her vision of the finished photograph.


Art Grand. Shell and water.

Totsie Marine sept3

Our photographic subjects are equally varied.  From the wonders of the natural world to the man-made, from the panorama of landscapes to close-ups of the seldom-seen, we attempt to present a fresh way of seeing our subjects.  Working with the qualities of light and shadow and its effects, we may choose color in all its glorious variety, or use black, white, and all shades of gray to fully express our artists’ intentions. 


The name of our group, f/32, indicates a small camera lens aperture which permits great depth-of-field in a photograph.  You may find out more about us at www.f32nc.com.  Our membership is open to all who share our interests.


Jon Riley. Gouganne Swan

Photos on exhibit April 1 - 28, 2007 in Blowers Gallery.

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