Contemporary Basketry
Baskets by Jill Lennox of UNC Asheville's Financial Aid







Jill Lennox is a counselor in UNC Asheville's Financial Aid Office and also teaches a Super Saturday course entitled "Knots, Braids and Weaves."  Jill has a B.A. in Art from Penn State University and has been making baskets for 14 years. 

The exhibit will be on display March 2-29, 2009.

An opening reception will be held on March 5 at 4pm. 

Artist's Statement

One of the things I love so much about basketry is that the possibilities are seemingly endless when choosing materials, techniques, and forms.  The inspiration for my baskets usually comes from the materials.  I am attracted to the colors and textures of fiber but also enjoy adding the unexpected.  Adding yarn or some beads will begin the process as additional elements are chosen hand-dyed reed, more yarns, cords, and ribbons, wire, and more beads, or perhaps natural materials that I have harvested from trees, plants, and vines.

I also like the challenge of using non-traditional and recycled materials to create beautiful objects with a whimsical flair.  I am a scavenger and a packrat and like the idea of re-using found objects - plastic bags, telephone wire, cardboard, feathers, tickets, Chinese fortunes, puzzle pieces, old jewelry, Easter basket grass, film, twisted paper, and price tags, as examples.  These pieces are the most fun because I make them up, and because I must find methods and solutions to use these materials.

There are many traditional weaving techniques that I use such as plain weave, twining, three-rod wale and diagonal plaiting, along with more contemporary techniques such as random weave, knotless netting, folding and paper molding.  I especially like the repetitive and rhythmic techniques of twining and knotless netting and watching the form build and take shape row by row.

Each basket is a learning experience that brings great pleasure and ideas for the next basket.  Thus, the creative process continues.



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