Symbolic Boundaries Revisited
Acrylic paintings by UNC Asheville student Louise Davis

Louise Davis is a sociology and anthropology student at UNC Asheville.

The exhibit will be on display in Ramsey Library's third floor gallery April 19 - May 7.

A "Meet the Artist" reception will be held Monday, April 19, at 6:30 p.m.

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Artist Statement

            I have come to love painting grids because I find the imagery to be ubiquitous in everyday life.   I think they are good reminders of the layers, crossroads, variations, patterns, parallels, backgrounds, and oh yes, colors that are embedded into so much of life!  Painting linear compositions has become a natural and comforting process for me because it allows me to explore with color while not having to face the predicament of “What am I going to paint?”  I’ve never been good at painting landscapes or anything as it appears in reality, for I am not so much the perfectionist or planning type, but more so the impulsive hyperactive painter. I find that painting has been a great refuge for me in difficult times, times of celebration, and times of transformation.   Painting helps me unpack the richness that I see in everyday life and my paintings have always been a catalyst for me to learn lessons about life and myself.  When I get to a place where I need to find my center, commune with God, and decompress from life’s challenges, I paint!  For my last show, I had an elaborate explanation of what it was all about.   For this show, I am still learning what it is all about, for both myself, and the observer.  With that said, I have decided to tell less about these paintings and show them instead!  Please write me some feedback on what you see! I cherish all the support and comments.

- Louise Davis





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