Earthly Impressions
Catherine Murphy

September 3 - 30
, 2008 

Artist Statement 

It was during my career as a construction welder that I discovered
 the beauty of copper and became totally absorbed with its possibilities as a creative medium . I attended workshops with master craftsmen in search of the knowledge to express my original ideas and vision. In one of these workshops I learned about a radical way to develop forms in metal, using the simplest of tools. Using a hammer, a vise, an anvil, and oxy-acetylene torch, I employ a technique of metalworking whereby the metal is folded, forged, annealed, and unfolded, resulting in dramatic three dimensional forms.  These highly texturized, sculpted pieces are then combined and joined through welding and riveting to create abstract wall hangings and vessels. I begin with a vision, constantly striving to reveal the true organic nature of the copper and to capture the movement of the material and it's tactile quality. My goal is to continue seeking new challenges which fulfill a deeper appreciation for a material that keeps me grounded and connected. 

My studio is only 4 miles from the UNC-A campus.  Visitors are welcome.

Catherine Murphy Designs
2000 Riverside Drive #6
Asheville, NC  28804

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