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Regular overdue fines are 20 cents per day per item for each day the library is open. Materials are due by closing on the date that appears on the patron’s record. Fines begin on the first day an item is overdue.

Overdue notices and fine bills are sent to the address in the patron’s record in the Circulation system. These notices are sent as a courtesy; fines/fees are not waived if a patron fails to receive a notice. Please notify the library if your address changes by using the change of address form.

Lost or Damaged Items
A patron who suspects that an item checked out in his/her name has been lost should report it as soon as possible to the Circulation Desk. When fines have reached the maximum amount, replacement charges will be generated for the non-returned items. A patron who loses an item is responsible for reimbursing the library for the replacement cost of $75.00. If the item is found within a year, a patron will be reimbursed the fines but not the processing fee of $15.00. Patrons are responsible for the proper care of items that they have checked out. The cost of repair or replacement of damaged items will be billed to the borrower’s account.

Rules and regulations of Ramsey Library are to be followed. Failure to do so may result in the suspension of patron borrowing privileges.

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