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Moodle Teacher Guide: Generate an Activity Report

This guide offers information, advice and resources on how to create an effective online course.

Moodle Activity Reports

Why use Moodle reports?

  • see if and when a student has logged into your course
  • see an individual student's activity in your course
  • see when a student has accessed a particular resource or activity in your course
  • see which students have participated in a particular course activity
  • see a student's current grade


Generate a report at the course level (all course activity):

  • Administration block > Course administration > Reports

User reports link

  • Types of reports:

    • Logs - list of timestamped actions by a single student or all course participants
    • Live logs - log of activity over the past hour
    • Activity report - displays information about each activity's views and most recent access
    • Course participation - displays activity participation by each student and allows the instructor to send a reminder message to students


Generate an activity report at the participant level (a single student's activity):

  • Administration block > Course administration > Users > Enrolled users
  • Click on the user's profile picture

user's profile picture

  • Administration block > Profile settings for (student's name) > Activity reports

user activity report

  • Select a report option from the expanded list
    • Today's logs - timestamped list and graph representing the user's actions for the current day
    • All Logs - timestamped list and graph representing the user's actions for multiple days
    • Outline report - shows a breakdown of a student's current participation per Moodle activity
    • Complete report - detailed list of a student's up-to-date interaction with all Moodle course activities
    • Grade - shows student's current grade per activity