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D. Hiden Ramsey Library, University of North Carolina at Asheville

Moodle Teacher Guide: Attendance

This guide offers information, advice and resources on how to create an effective online course.


By default, all course shells have the Attendance module in the first section of your Moodle course page. The Attendance module defaults to hidden status from the students. Click Edit, Edit settings to change the setting to Show. Students will then be able to see their attendance.

Attendance must be set up into sessions before you can begin to take attendance. To start, click on Attendance in the first block. I have two groups in the model development course, and you can set up separate groups, but this tutorial keeps the groups together.

At this juncture, you have no sessions listed. Click Add, and get the screen below:

Fill in the information relevant to your sessions. In the example below, I have added a course that meets from August 17, 2015 until November 24, the last day of classes, and the class meets MWF at 8am for an hour.

Frequency allows you to set the sessions to meet every week (1) or every other week (2) and so on.

Click on Add Session at the bottom of the page. Your next screen will look like this (with the entire course list of classes that meet):

Click on the GREEN button to the right of the columns to take attendance.

The screen to enter attendance will appear - P=present, L=late, E=excused, A=absent - you may go into the settings folder at the top of the window and add your own:

Save attendance.

This is what the student will see when they look at their Moodle attendance. Note, only one day has been entered; 03 Moodle is present on August 17, 2015.

Attendance defaults to Hidden. If you have revealed it but want to hide it again, follow these steps:

Hide attendance - Students will be able to see their recorded attendance record unless you hide the activity from the students.  Hide the attendance by clicking on the edit button, then click on Hide.