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Moodle Teacher Guide: RSS Feeds

This guide offers information, advice and resources on how to create an effective online course.

Instructions for adding RSS feeds

An RSS Feed, or Rich Site Summary, or Really Simple Syndication, is a way to make your Moodle page dynamic, reflecting current news, blog entries, other up-to-the minute information, including scholarly articles. The Feed takes information from other sites and puts them on your Moodle course home page in real time. This feature is useful for keeping students up-to-date on current events. The disadvantage is that you cannot vet what appears on your page.

To the right of this column are two examples of RSS Feeds. The Asheville Citizen Times Feed is the top box. As the news on the Home Page of the newspaper changes, the Feed will automatically change. The box under it is a Feed from a scholarly journal. As the entries change in the online journal, the links on your Moodle page will reflect the changes.

Both Feeds allow the user to hover over the link and get a short description of the article.

To place an RSS Feed on your Moodle page:

Scroll down your page until you see the following box on the right column.

Click on the dropdown menu; block types are listed alphabetically, and choose Remote RSS feeds.

The page will refresh with your new Block toward the bottom of the page, and should look like this:

Click on the gear symbol to get a drop down menu

and click on the first option - Configure Remote news feed block.

There may be a default feed listed, but in order to add your own feeds, halfway down the Block Settings, click on Add/edit feeds. Scroll down and click on Add a new feed.

Copy the RSS Feed URL in the box. RSS Feeds can be found by looking for this symbol on the website.

Open a new browser window to search for an RSS feed to put in the box.

For example, The New York Times has several RSS feeds available, including World News, Politics, etc. The feed information is not available on the home page of the paper. If you put RSS Feed in the paper's search engine, a link will pop up with various feeds.

Click on U.S. - 5 feeds are listed.

You can pick the broad topic of US or narrow down the list to Education or Politics, and even narrow by choosing The Learning Network Blog or The Upshot.

Once the RSS feed is clicked, the browser will open to the feed itself. To copy the feed, place the cursor in the web address bar, and copy the feed address. Note: The address must contain rss in the address.

Return to the Moodle RSS Feed box, and paste the web address. Type in the title of the feed. Save Changes.


The new feed will appear in the list of feeds. You can click on the feed to test it. A window will open with the top news articles in that feed.

Return to the Home Page of your course and click on the gear symbol in the Remote news feed box. Configure, and pick the new feed from the drop down menu. Note: you can choose the number of articles to appear in your feed.

Once you pick the feed, click SAVE. The window will return to your Moodle Home Page. Scroll down and see the completed news feed.


Asheville Citizen Times RSS Feed

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Royal Society of Chemistry: Environmental Science RSS Feed

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