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D. Hiden Ramsey Library, University of North Carolina at Asheville

Moodle Teacher Guide: Enroll and unenroll students

This guide offers information, advice and resources on how to create an effective online course.

Enroll and Unenroll Students

To Enroll a student into your course, go to the Administration block in your course shell.

  • Click on Users,
  • Click on Enrolled users. The screen will give you the maintenance screen for adding and removing users.
  • In the far right corner, click on Enrol users. A window pops up with the default user Student.
  • Type the name of your student in the search box at the bottom. You may use some of the characters of their names if you are unsure of spelling.
  • When you find the student, click on Enrol in the right hand side of the box. The box will change and reflect the enrolled student indented from the others listed below.
  • Click Finsh enrolling users at the bottom of the box. The window will now reflect your new class roster with the added student.

To Unenroll a student in your class, return to the Enrolled users page.

  • If the user is not immediately in view, use the search feature at the top of the page.
  • Once you have located the student, click on the x to the very right of the screen next to the gear symbol. Do not click on the x in the middle of the screen. If you do, you will only remove the student's name from your class list. They will remain enrolled in your course.
  • Once you click on the correct x, a screen pops up asking you to confirm the unenroll. When you click on continue, the screen will return to your class roster minus the student you just unenrolled.



Enrolling Students