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Ramsey Library Community Author Award: About the award

Ramsey Library Community Author Award

The purpose of the Ramsey Library Community Author Award at UNC Asheville is to offer time and resources to a member of the writing community in Western North Carolina to produce creative work that can be shared with the university community.  The award will provide a year-long residency in Ramsey Library, with a courtesy faculty appointment, that will provide a library study carrel and other campus resources.  This award is designed to promote a connection between the literary community of western North Carolina and UNC Asheville, culminating in an opportunity for the Community Author to showcase his or her work at a campus reading at the end of the residency period.    

The RLCAA recognizes the work of a promising Western North Carolina-based writers (including poets, playwrights, and graphic novelists). Interested authors are invited to apply online during the annual application cycle (2018 TBA). 

The recipient will receive the following:

•    a private research carrel in Ramsey Library
•    a courtesy faculty appointment for one year that will include access to university resources (library, gym, etc.)
•    a parking pass for the length of the appointment
•    a visitor printing card

RLCAA Committee

Dr. Wiley Cash, author
Dr. Mildred Barya, UNC Asheville Department of English
Brandy Bourne, UNC Asheville, Ramsey Library Head of Public Services
Hannah Epperson, UNC Asheville, News Writer
Dr. David Hopes, UNC Asheville Department of English
Gene Hyde, UNC Asheville, Ramsey Library Head of Special Collections and University Archives