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Digital Scholarship Support Team: Overview

Support for Digital Scholarship

The Ramsey Library Digital Scholarship Support Team is a cross-departmental group that offers consultation, instruction and implementation assistance to instructors who are using digital tools to answer academic questions.

We can help you and your class with digitization, graphic design and visualization, multimedia recording and editing, textual and data analysis, usability, and publishing and intellectual property.

Have an idea for a project?
Submit an inquiry form to contact the committee for support options or contact a digital tool specialist directly via the list below. 


The library's Special Collections and University Archives & Media Design Lab can provide expert advice and assistance digitization projects, ranging from scanning and converting images, audio and video to digital publication and metadata creation.

primary source access and usage
Gene Hyde,
digitization tools

Web Design & Usability

Media Design Lab and Public Services Staff can offer advice about web publishing options, usability and accessibilty as well as hands-on help with a wide range of web publishing tools. 

Weebly & Wix
Adobe Dreamweaver
Amanda Glenn-Bradley
Usability, Accessibility, Validation Tools
Amanda Glenn-Bradley,
Amanda Glenn-Bradley,
Amanda Glenn-Bradley,
Brandy Bourne,
Blogging software (Wordpress, Blogger)
Brandy Bourne,

Graphic Design and Visualization

The Media Design Lab has the tools and expertise to help with image creation and editing.

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign
​Sasha Hussey, 
Data Visualization and Infographics
Laurie Miles,
Timelines & Maps
Anne Ogg,
ESRI Story Maps
Brandy Bourne,

Publishing and Intellectual Property

Librarians are available to help with questions of copyright and ethical information use.

Copyright and Intellectual Property
Leah Dunn,
Writing Support
Chelsea Beresford,
Digital Publishing
Barbara Svenson,
Research Support
Brandy Bourne,
Public Domain Resources
Amanda Glenn-Bradley,

Instructional Design

Teaching & Learning with Technology Resources staff are available to help instructors integrate digital technology into their classes.

John Myers,
Digital Technologies
Laurie Miles,
Anne Ogg,

Multimedia Recording and Editing

Video Production and Media Design Lab staff can help with all aspects of the film creation and editing process, from TV studio lighting, backgrounds, and green screen to Audio Lab recording,  web optimization, and captioning.

TV Studio Scheduling
Kent Thompson,
Audio Lab Scheduling
Kent Thompson,
Final Cut Pro X
Adobe Premiere
Adobe After Effects
Adobe Audition
​Brandy Bourne,

Textual and Data Analysis

Librarians are available to help with the management, manipulation and interpretation of data using a variety of tools.

Microsoft Excel
Brandy Bourne,
Brandy Bourne,