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Writing in the Disciplines: Sciences

A guide to writing resources available in Ramsey Library and the UNCA Writing Center.

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Searching the Library Catalog by Subject

It's usually best to start with a keyword search, but subject headings applied to relevant books can help to refine your results. Open the item record of a book that interests you.  Scroll down to the clickable subject headings, and run another search to explore similar books.

You can also browse the headings associated with a particular topic as a way of getting started with your research.


Alley, M. The Craft of Scientific Writing. [T 11 .A37] (copy also available in UNCA Writing Center)

Barrass, Robert.  Scientist Must Write: A Guide to Better Writing for Scientists, Engineers and Students. [T 11 .B37]

Beall, Herbert.  A Short Guide to Writing About Chemistry   [UNCA Writing Ctr.  QD 9.15 .B43 2001]

Blum, Deborah. A Field Guide For Science Writers. [T 11 .F52 1997] (2006 edition available at ASU)

Booth, Vernon.  Communicating in Science. [Q 223 .B664 1993]

Booth Wayne. The Craft of Research. [Q 180.55 .M4 B66 2003]

Crannell, Annalisa & others.  Writing Projects for Mathematics Courses. [Check library catalog]

Davis, Martha. Scientific Papers and Presentations. [T 11 .D324 2005]

Farr, A. D. Science Writing for Beginners.  [T 11.F37 1985]

Gustavii, Bjorn.  How to Write and Illustrate a Scientific Paper.  [T 11 .G86 2008]

Higham, N.J.  Handbook of Writing for the Mathematical Sciences.  [QA 42 .H54]

Katz, Michael J.  Elements of the Scientific Paper.  [T 11 .K34 1985]   

Lerner, Neal The Idea of Writing Laboratory   [UNCA Writing Ctr  PE1404. L47 2009]

Lindsay, D. R. Scientific Writing: Thinking in Words   [T11. L52684 2011]

Matthews, Janice. Successful Scientific Writing. [UNCA Writing Ctr. R 119 .M28 2000]

McMillian, Vicky.  Writing Papers in the Biological Sciences.  [UNCA Writing Ctr. QH 304 .M36 2002]

Miller, Jane E.  The Chicago Guide to Writing About Numbers. [T 11.M485 2004]

Moore, Randy.  Writing to Learn Botany. [PE 1404 .M66 1995]

Northey, Margot. Making Sense: a Student's Guide to Research and Writing: Geography & Environmental Sciences.  [G 70 .N67 2001]

Northey, Margot. Making Sense: a Student's Guide to Research and Writing: Engineering and the Technical Sciences  [T11 .N67 2007]

Paradis, James.  The MIT Guide to Science and Engineering Communication. [Q 223 .P33 1997]

Pechenik, Jan.  A Short Guide to Writing about Biology. [QH 302 .P43 2004] (copies in UNCA Writing Ctr., & General Collection)

Schultz, David, M. Eloquent Science: A Practical Guide to Becoming a Better Writer  [Q223.S2358 2009]

Sides, Charles. How to Write and Present Technical Information. [T 11 .S528 1999]

Sorby, Sheryl.  An Engineer's Guide to Technical Communication [TA 158.5 .S65 2006]

Sterken, Christian Scientific Writing for Young Astronomers: Part One [QB14.2.S252 2011]

Sterken, Christian Scientific Writing for Young Astronomers: Part Two  
[QB14.2.S252 2011]

Tebeaux, Elizabeth The Essentials of Technical Communication  [T11. T295 2010]

Valiela, Ivan. Doing Science: Design, Analysis, and Communication of Scientific Research. [Q 180 .A1 V35 2009]

Van Aken, David.  Reporting Results: A Practical Guide for Engineers and Scientists.  [T 11 .V358 2008]

Wolcott, Harry F.  Writing Up Qualitative Research. [T 11 .W65 2001]

Zobel, Justin. Writing for Computer Science. [T 11 .Z62 2004]