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Environmental Studies: Citing in APA

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APA Style Basics

Where to find and how to arrange the elements included in an APA citation (for a journal article):

APA Reference Example

Basics of how an in-text citation corresponds to the reference in your bibliography:

In text citation connection to reference example

The examples of references of all types from APA's own site are also really helpful for creating your own:

Image sources: and

Citing From UNCA Databases

Most of the databases available to you in Ramsey Library have built-in citation generators. Although these are imperfect and should be double checked, they are an easy way to get started citing specific sources. Different databases locate this functionality in different places and call it slightly different things, but most often the function will be found to the top right of articles or at the bottom of the page. Some examples: 

In our Library Catalog Search: 

Cite It Link in Library Catalog


Example from our Environment Complete database:

Cite link in Environment Complete


Example from Credo Reference:

Cite link in Credo Reference