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Health Science: Reference & Data

Using Reference Resources

A reference source is a compendium of authoritative information, compiled for ease of use.

Reference materials include

  • subject or general encyclopedias, dictionaries and thesauri 
  • statistics
  • biographical compilations
  • maps
Reference materials may be found on our main floor to the left of the Research Services Desk as well as online.

Key Reference Titles

Medical reference books are located in the Reference R section on the first floor.  Reference books are for in-library use only.  Some useful titles are:

American Medical Association complete medical encyclopedia.  Ref RC81 .A2 .A497 2003

Drug information handbook.  Ref RM301.12 .D783 2005

Gray's Anatomy: the anatomical basis of clinical practice.  Ref QM23.2 .673 2005

English-Spanish, Spanish-Enlish medical dictionary.  Ref R121 .M488 1996

Physicians' desk reference: PDR.  Ref RS74 .P5

Other reference books relevant to health science include:

Encyclopedia of human nutrition.  Ref QP141 .E526 2005

Encyclopedia of sports science.  Ref GV558 .E53 1997

Encyclopedia of physical education, fitness, and sports.  Ref GV567 .E49

Encyclopedia of aging.  Ref HQ1061 .E56 2006

Online Reference Resources

Gray's Anatomy Online
   Text and illustrations through

Encyclopedia of the human genome
(UNCA and WCU online access):

      Contains a wide range of articles on structural genomics, functional genomics, chromosome structure and function, evolution and comparative genomics, genome mapping and sequencing, genes and disease, behavioral and psychiatric genetics, mathematical and population genetics, proteomics, bioinformatics, ethical, legal, and social issues, and history.

Encyclopedia of medical anthropology
(UNCA and WCU online access):

      Contains articles on general concepts and perspectives, medical systems, political, economic, and social issues, sexuality, reproduction, and the life cycle, and health conditions and diseases, as well as overviews of specific cultures.

Encyclopedia of genetic disorders and birth defects 
(UNCA online access):
      Digital reference book with search function.