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Native American Studies: Reference

A guide to interdisciplinary resources in Native American Studies.

Using Reference Resources

A reference source is a compendium of authoritative information, compiled for ease of use.

Reference materials include

  • subject or general encyclopedias, dictionaries and thesauri 
  • statistics
  • biographical compilations
  • maps
Reference materials may be found on our main floor to the left of the Research Services Desk as well as online.


A number of atlases can be found in the WNC network Library Catalog including history atlases of specific areas of the world. Some are in the reference section, and some can be checked out.

CREDO Reference Online


Key Reference Resources

Though most professors will not allow you to count reference resources as major sources, they are helpful for finding a topic to study and they often include bibliographies that can direct you to other useful sources.

Because Native American Studies is a broad field, the reference materials that relate to this topic are not located in one single area of the reference section. Listed below are some of the more general reference resources in the field.


Bibliographies are an excellent way to find ideas for papers and to locate possible primary and secondary sources. Here are a few bibliographies in Native American Studies: