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Why LGBTQ* Books Are Important

Without reputable and reliable materials in libraries for those navigating life as LGBT, it makes it more difficult for these individuals struggling with their sexuality to be able to discuss it with anyone or learn about themselves as an LGBT individual and as a minority. Learning about the history of a minority is important to finding one’s place in their communities and within themselves.

LGBTQ* Literature Further Reading

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Navigating LGBTQ* content in the Catalog

Keyword searches are a great way to start your research if you don't have specific titles or authors in mind. Keyword searches find records with the same words used in the search. These are often great if you are looking for something very specific such as "gay adoption" which provides several good starting points for that type of research.

However, when you do find a record of something you find useful, it's as easy as scrolling to the end of the record page with the clickable subject headings to find more works in that category.

Same-sex, gay, lesbian, homosexuality, bisexuality, and transgender are all terms found as general subject headings when researching LGBTQ* topics.

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