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Video Production: TV Studio

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TV Studio


The TV STUDIO (RAM 001AA) is scheduled for UNC Asheville faculty, students and administration.  It currently serves in three capacities:  As an interview set, as a green screen facility, and as a facility to record headshots with a variety of pull-down backdrops.  The TV studio must be reserved in advance and is scheduled for UNC Asheville academic projects only.

Faculty and students generally reserve this space as a quiet place to conduct interviews for class projects.  Projects can be recorded in front of the green screen and edited later in post production or keyed "live" over computer generated backgrounds.  Virtual sets are also available for "live" keying.  Various academic departments regularly schedule the studio including New Media, Mass Communication, Drama, Atmospheric Science, and the Art and Management Departments. 

The room measures 23.5' x 22.5' and is equipped with a 16 channel light grid. Lighting instruments include set lights, scoops, par cans, source 4s, and fresnels - all rated at 500 watts. Some soft box and multiuse portable lighting is also available.  

The room is equipped with four wireless lavaliere microphones, a  boom microphone, 2 teleprompters, and  three cameras (two Sony HVR-S270U's and a Sony HXRNX5U). All are connected to a Newtek Tricaster 855 Extreme in the adjacent control room. Programs are recorded in high definition 1920 x 1080i. 


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