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Video Production: Audio Lab

Audio Lab


The Audio Lab (RAM 030A) is scheduled for UNC Asheville faculty, students and administration.  It offers students and faculty a quiet place to capture audio with the help of a Video Production technical assistant.  Students in a variety of university departments regularly schedule the audio lab, including New Media, Mass Communication, Drama, Education, Art, Management, and NEMAC.  The Audio Lab must be reserved in advance and is scheduled for UNC Asheville academic projects only.  To reserve a time, contact Kent Thompson at or 828.251.6425

The Audio Lab should not be confused with the AUDIO RECORDING STUDIO which is self service, Do-It-Yourself recording studio.

The lab houses two sound isolation booths, each equipped with an Audio-Technica AT4033CL cardioid condenser microphone, pop filter, music stand, and headphones.  High quality audio is captured digitally using Adobe Audition software and a PreSonus AudioBox 44VSL interface.  Recorded files can be saved in a variety of formats and transferred via flash drive, share drive, or SD card.  One booth is equipped with an ADA compatible ramp.


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