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FYS 178 - Dr. Evan Gurney: Postcards and Asheville History

Postcards and Asheville History

Postcard Collections in Special Collections

L. C. LeCompte Postcard Collection - Over 400 color postcards and postcard folders of Western North Carolina and the Southern States, mostly created and produced by the Asheville Postcard Company between 1913 and 1977

Asheville Postcard Company Salesman's Samples Collection - A collection of 11 salesman's sample books from the Asheville Postcard Company, dated 1939-41. Includes hundreds of postcards of Western North Carolina, Eastern Tennessee, and other Southern locations.

Fred Kahn Asheville Postcard Collection - Approximately 700 postcards of Asheville and the surrounding area, primarily from the first two decades of the 20th century. Themes covered include, Biltmore House, sanatoriums and hospitals, Country clubs, sports and recreational facilities, and residential developments.