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Borrowing: ASU and WCU Students


ASU & WCU Student Borrowing

Ramsey Library's borrowing policies and procedures for Appalachian State and Western Carolina Students are outlined below.
Students wishing to check out materials from the library must be currently enrolled at ASU or WCU. To check out materials, please bring your App Card or Cat Card to the Circulation Services Desk on the main floor of Ramsey Library.

Loan Periods

Format Loan Period # of Renewals Checkout Limits
Books 30 Days 2 500
CDs & DVDs 7 Days 1 10 CDs, 5 DVDs
Periodicals 7 Days 1 5
Reference Materials In-house Use Non-Renewable NA
Government Documents 30 Days 2 500
Curriculum Materials 30 Days 2 500
Course Reserves1 Varies 1 20
E-Books Varies NA NA
ABC Express Books 30 Days 2 500
ABC Express Multimedia 7 Days 1 10 CDs, 5 DVDs
Interlibrary Loan Contact ASU or WCU NA NA
Daily Audio/Visual2 Non-Circulating Non-Renewable NA
Hourly Audio/Visual3 Non-Circulating Non-Renewable NA
Group Study Rooms Room 215 Only 1 1

1: Course reserves can check out for 2 hours, 3 hours, 1 day or 7 days, based on the preference of the professor.
2: Daily Audio/Visual devices: Camcorders, Tripods, Microphones, Projectors, Projector Screens, Calculators.
3: Hourly Audio/Visual devices: Laptops, Headphones, Optical Drives. 

Renewals and Returns

Renewing Materials

Materials can be renewed at the Ramsey Library Circulation Services Desk, at any ASU or WCU library, or online.
To renew materials online:

  • First, navigate to the WNCLN login portal.
  • Using the left log-in method, log on using your campus email username and password.
  • At the top of the screen, hit "Renewal All" to renew any materials you have checked out.

Some materials cannot be renewed. Materials cannot be renewed if:

  • You have already had 2 renewals
  • The items are overdue
  • Another patron has placed a "Hold" on the item(s)
  • Your record is blocked due to outstanding obligations

If you have exceeded an item's max renewals and require additional time, please bring the item to the Ramsey Library Circulation Services Desk or any ASU or WCU library, where a staff member can assist you. Ramsey Library is unable to renew materials over the phone.

Returning Materials

Books may be returned to either the Circulation Services Desk or one of the two library bookdrops. Our campus bookdrop is located outside of Zeis Hall, in parking lot 25. Our other bookdrop is located outside the front entrance of the library. Books may also be returned to any WCU or ASU library or bookdrop.

DVDs & CD's must be returned to a library Circulation Desk. These items should never be placed in outside bookdrops.

Fines and Fees

Format Grace Period Fines Replacement Fees
Books 4 days $0.20 per day $75
CDs & DVDs 1 day $0.20 for CDs, $1 for DVDs per day $150
Periodicals 1 day $1 per day $25
Government Documents 4 days $0.20 per day $75
Curriculum Materials 4 days $0.20 per day $75
Course Reserves1 Varies Varies $75
ABC Express Books 4 days $0.20 per day $60
ABC Express Multimedia 1 day $1 per day $60
Group Study Rooms 10 minutes $2 per hour $25

1: Course Reserves have a grace period of either 1 day or 10 minutes, depending on whether the reserve checks out daily or hourly.
    Course reserves have fines of $1 per day or $1 per hour, depending on whether the reserve checks out daily or hourly.

Please note, borrowing privileges may be blocked by ASU or WCU if you owe excessive outstanding fines.

Replacing Library Materials

Items which are not returned 75 days after they are due will be billed, listed as lost, and the replacement cost will be charged to the borrower. ASU and WCU students should contact ASU or WCU with any questions regarding fines and fees on Ramsey Library books. Any lost Ramsey Library books should also be replaced through an ASU or WCU library.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact the Circulation Department of your home library.

ASU and WCU students are subject to the fine and billing policies put in place by ASU and WCU.

Printing and Database Access

Printing, Copying and Scanning

ASU and WCU students who are wishing to print and make copies in Ramsey Library may do so by purchasing a Visitor Copy Card from Ramsey Library's Circulation Services Desk. ASU and WCU students may add additional funds to their Visitor Copy Card in the Onecard Office, located in Highsmith Union. Printing and copying costs are $.05 a page for black and white, $.10 a page for color. Ramsey Library accepts cash, check and credit/debit cards as payment. Our scanning services scan to an email address and are free.

Database Access

ASU and WCU students should note that they will be unable to access the full range of Ramsey Library's databases remotely. Full database access is available in-house. ASU and WCU students are encouraged to use ASU and WCU's databases if they require remote database access.


For questions about returns, renewals or fines, please contact Circulation Services

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