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Syncing Transcript

To "sync" a transcript in OHMS creates time code references in a transcript. For this class, the transcripts have already been converted to .txt files loaded into the OHMS metadata editor.  We are using 1:00 minute timecode, which is the default timecode.  What this means is you will be manually adding a timecode into the transcript at 1 minute increments.

From the OHMS User Guide:

  1. 1)  The audio or video will begin upon opening the transcript sync module / pressing the “play” button on the player.

  2. 2)  Click the forward button, you will be taken to the next location depending on the interval you have chosen.

  3. 3)  You will hear two chimes. Your first chime (lower pitched) is a warning, indicating that you have ten seconds (or otherwise specified lead-time) to locate the corresponding section of the transcript.

  4. 4)  When you have found the text in the transcript that corresponds to what you hear, follow along.

  5. 5)  At the minute mark, a second chime (higher pitched) will ring.

  6. 6)  When the second chime rings, click on the appropriate word in the transcript that is heard during (or closest to) this chime. Clicking on the corresponding word places a time code marker into the text (marked in green). If you succeed in placing the marker, you are automatically taken to the next interval (00:01:50). If you fail to place the marker in the allotted time, the same audio segment will replay after the post roll completes (default is 10 seconds). It will continue to repeat until the marker is placed.

  7. 7)  You can adjust the sync point by rewinding back or forwarding to the appropriate segment. This is indicated by the clock and the minute-interval counter. Then you can correct your sync placement when the bell rings on the minute.

  8. 8) You must save your work prior to exiting or your sync data will be lost. There are save buttons at the top and bottom of the transcript. It is strongly recommended that you save your work periodically during the synchronization process.






For a detailed explanation of the process, refer to section 7 in the OHMS User Guide:

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