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FYS 178 Honors: The French Broad River and The Appalachian Trail: Riverlink Collection

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Historical Information

RiverLink is a non-profit environmental group dedicated to protecting and developing the French Broad River in Asheville. It was established in 1987, after being conceived at the Asheville Chamber of Commerce as a way to promote tourists to extend their stays in Asheville through improving the river which, at the time, was largely neglected. Since its creation, RiverLink, which was led for 30 years by founding director Karen Cragnolin, has created and improved river parks and river access, and promoted the environmental and economic vitality of the French Broad River.

Scope and Contents

Contains materials from RiverLink, an environmental non-profit organization that works to preserve and develop the French Broad River and its surrounding environment. A large part of the collection covers the organization's administrative files, including plans for various projects, involved groups, and actions for improving the river. It also includes laws and regulations regarding river management. There are also miscellaneous files, as well as those that come from prominent RiverLink employees. In addition to RiverLink specific files, the collection has files from the Clean Water Management Trust Fund, including administrative files, and applications for environmental groups.

The collection also includes various forms of media, including photos of events, the work being done, and the river itself. There are also newspaper files regarding important events involving the river, starting in 1919, and monthly newsletters from the organization from 1993 forward. Additionally, there are cassette tapes recorded of and for various events, along with home videos of various events and news footage. The collection also includes CDs and DVDs that contain photos and videos, computer documents, and presentation materials used by RiverLink.

Note: Special Collections does not have equipment to playback some video materials in the collection.

Collection Description

Contains original documents and publications, photographs, slides, and digital images, AV media, newspaper and magazine clippings.

Representative Items