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Women's Studies: Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies Guide

A guide to resources in the D.H. Ramsey Library that pertain to gender studies and include references to print and electronic sources of use to scholars.

Getting Started

Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies is an important interdisciplinary research field. Interdisciplinary research can be complex, but there are core sources that will quickly get you started in your search for materials. This guide will direct you to some recommended sources.

Start with the basic search in the Library Catalog or in WorldCat or use the tabs above to locate Books, Journal Articles, Reference Materials, and Film and Images.


Ramsey Library Catalog

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Keywords are the essential words used to describe the topic in the literature.  For example:  'disability in Peru.'  When using a keyword search, do not use words like:  an, in, the, of, as they are not recognized. 

Subject terms are essential words provided by the Library of Congress cataloging librarians to describe a topic consistently. This is a "controlled vocabulary." For example, 'disability in Peru,' may be of interest but the most important work on your topic is titled, "Incan Resilience"  which doesn't use any of the words that were in the original search strategy.

Which is the best initial search strategy?  Keyword or Subject Links?

The best search strategy in the library catalogs would be to:

  1. Start with a keyword search to find at least one item of interest
  2. Go to the Subject links at the bottom of the record and locate other words selected by the Library of Congress librarians thant best describe your topic.  Even if your original words do not appear, the 'subject tracings' can help you to construct more efficient searches.

When using World Cat, it is often wise to search using subject terms as keyword searches can be overwhelming in their results. Search first in the WNCLN catalog, using a KEYWORD search and then go to WORLD CAT  and search using the SUBJECT TERMS you located using a KEYWORD SEARCH.



Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies

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