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Education K - 12: Reference

A guide to Ramsey Library resources for education students

Using Reference Resources

A reference source is a compendium of authoritative information, compiled for ease of use.

Reference materials include

  • subject or general encyclopedias, dictionaries and thesauri 
  • statistics
  • biographical compilations
  • maps
Reference materials may be found on our main floor to the left of the Research Services Desk as well as online.

Key Reference Titles

Education reference books are located in the Reference "L" section. Below are a few selected books.  Browse the shelves for additional titles.

Dictionaries / Encyclopedias / Handbooks

Encyclopedia of Education  REF 15 E47 2003 (VOLS. 1-8)
Encyclopedia of Educational Research  REF LB 15 E48
Encyclopedia of School Psychology   REF LB 1027.55 .E523
Encyclopedia of Special Education  REF LC 4007 .E53
Greenwood Dictionary of Education  REF LB 15 .G68
Handbook of Research on Multicultural Education  REF LC 1099.3 H35
Praeger Handbook of Learning and the Brain  REF LB 1060 .P683
Praeger Handbook of Latino Education  REF LC 269 .P73
Psychology of Classroom Learning  REF 1060 .P89
Routledge International Encyclopedia of Education  REF LB 15 .R633

Certification Guides

Alternative Teacher Certification: A State-byState Analysis  REF LB 1771. A47 (annual)
Requirements for Certification of Teachers, Counselors,Librarians, Administrators for Elementary and Secondary Schools  REF LB 1771 .R47 (annual)

Statistics / Law

Almanac of American Education  REF LA 217.2 .A45
Condition of Education [Print copy -Fed Doc Ed 1.109]
Condition of Education [electronic source]
Digest of Educational Statistics  (online)
Education Statistics of the United States  REF LA 201 .E38
Statistical Abstract of the United States  RefDesk HA 202:   (link to online version in the catalog record)
West's Education Law Digest  REf KF 4114 .W41
West's Education Law Reporter  REF KF 4114 .W4