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RefWorks: Exporting Bibliographies

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Worried About Losing Your References?

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Don't be. You will continue to have access to RefWorks after you graduate!

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Creating & Exporting Bibliographies

  1. To create a bibliography, click the gray "Create Bibliography" button at the top of the screen

  2. Choose an output formatting style for your bibliography (example: APA or MLA)

  3. Choose a file type (example: Word 2000 or OpenOffice)

  4. Choose which references to include. If you have organized your references into folders, you will be able to choose a folder to export

  5. Click "Create Bibliography"
  6. If you have chosen to download a file, you will be prompted to open or save your document. If you have chosen HTML output, your bibliography will open in a new tab.

Creating a Bibliography Instructional Video

RefWorks Resources

RefWorks provides a variety of instuctional materials to help researchers learn best practices for using the application. See below for more resources.