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History: Books at the Library

Finding Books

To find books at UNC Asheville, Appalachian State University or Western Carolina University, start with our catalog.  

 Choose "Request Item" to have books from ASU or WCU delivered to UNC Asheville via ABC Express.

To find books beyond our library network, try WorldCat.

Materials not held within our network can be requested through Interlibrary Loan.

Searching the Library Catalog by Subject

It's usually best to start with a keyword search, but subject headings applied to relevant books can help to refine your results. Open the item record of a book that interests you.  Scroll down to the clickable subject headings, and run another search to explore similar books.

You can also browse the headings associated with a particular topic as a way of getting started with your research.

Browsing by Call Number

History books generally fall within the D-F call number range on the Upper Level

CLASS D: General and Old World History

Subclass DA  Great Britain 

Subclass DAW Central Europe 

Subclass DB  Austria - Liechtenstein - Hungary - Czechoslovakia 

Subclass DC  France - Andorra - Monaco 

Subclass DD  Germany 

Subclass DE  Greco-Roman World 

Subclass DF  Greece 

Subclass DG  Italy - Malta 

Subclass DH  Low Countries - Benelux Countries 

Subclass DJ  Netherlands (Holland) 

Subclass DJK  Eastern Europe (General) 

Subclass DK  Russia. Soviet Union. Former Soviet Republics - Poland 

Subclass DL  Northern Europe. Scandinavia 

Subclass DP  Spain - Portugal 

Subclass DQ  Switzerland 

Subclass DR  Balkan Peninsula 

Subclass DS  Asia 

Subclass DT  Africa 

Subclass DU  Oceania (South Seas) 

Subclass DX  Romanies 


CLASS E: History of the Americas

11-143  America 

151-909 United States 


CLASS F: History of North and South America

1-975  United States local history 

1001-1145.2  British America (including Canada), Dutch America 

1170  French America 

1201-3799  Latin America, Spanish America