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ENVR 360: Environmental Restoration - Dr. David Gillette - Spring 2020: Changing Land Use Effects

Resources from UNCA's Special Collections used in ENVR 360

Changing Land Use Effects

Carolina Mountain Club Archive

  • There is a plethora of information in this collection related to your topic.  I would suggest “Ctrl + f” on the finding aid page and then searching the terms: “acquisition” “trail” “plan” and “conservation”

Papers of Congressman Roy Arthur Taylor

  • This collection includes information on the acquisition, boundaries, maintenance, and use of the national park system and includes congressional bills, letters, maps, photographs, and proposals

Walter Julius Damtoft Collection

  • Damtoft was the first industrial forester in the United States and was a graduate of Yale Forest School and associated with Biltmore Forestry School- who created the “Cradle of Forestry” in WNC.  This collection has an immense amount of information on the Weeks Law and early material on forestry from 1900-1970; this would enable a researcher to paint a very illustrative picture of changing land usage in regards to National Forests in WNC

Western North Carolina Tomorrow Position Papers

  • This is only 1 folder of material, and you can see it online here, but I believe it to be beneficial because of the content regarding conservation and development of natural resources in WNC

Jerome Dykeman Papers

  • Containing correspondence regarding his advocacy for cessation of logging in a tract of land near the summit of Mt. Mitchell and for the creation of a park adjacent to the Blue Ridge Parkway; various editorials about the environmental advocacy process.

Other Sources