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D. Hiden Ramsey Library, University of North Carolina at Asheville

ENVR 360: Environmental Restoration - Dr. David Gillette - Spring 2020: Indigenous Perspectives on Restoration

Resources from UNCA's Special Collections used in ENVR 360

Indigenous Perspectives on Restoration

The Indian Path in Buncombe County by: Gail (Gaillard) S. Tennent

Materials mentioned on the home page of this LibGuide: 

Roots of our Renewal: Ethnobotany and Cherokee Environmental Governance - Cherokee nation member Clint Carroll examines Cherokee perspectives on ecology. While much of it deals with the Oklahoma Cherokee, Chapter 1 discusses "the political ecology of the early Cherokee state" in Appalachia. This is an ebook available through the library's online catalog.

Cherokees in Transition: A Study of Changing Culture and Environment Prior to 1775 -  A study of pre-contact Cherokee land, settlements, fauna, and flora, published as a 1977 geography research paper by Gary C. Goodwin of the University of Chicago. This is an ebook available through the library's online catalog.

Where there are Mountains: An Environmental History of the Southern Appalachians - A classic environmental history of the mountains by Donald E. Davis. Check out Chapter 4, "Kituah: Cherokee Appalachia." This is an ebook available through the library's online catalog.

"Shaping New Homelands: Environmental Production, Natural Resource Management, and the Dynamics of Indigenous State Practice in the Cherokee Nation" by Clint Carroll. Journal article from Ethnohistory, Winter 2014, Vol. 61, Issue 1, pp 124-147. Available online Ramsey Library subscription databases.

Special Notes

Unfortunately, our collections are limited in regards to Native American, and particularly Cherokee, History.  The following are some resources available as e-books through the online catalog that have information which could be helpful to this topic.

Other Sources