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Children's and Young Adult Literature: Multicultural Resources

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Guides focusing on various cultural groups.


"Multicultural literature refers to trade books, regardless of genre, that have as the main character a person who is a member of a racial, religious, or language microculture other than the Euro- American one."  [Lynch-Brown, Carol, p. 185]

In her discussion of the value of multiculture literature Lynch-Brown emphasizes two major points.

1) Children who see people like themselves represented positively in excellent multicultural literature derive self-esteem and pride in their own heritage.
2) Reading multicultural literature is a way for Euro-American children (and their parents, teachers, and librarians) to learn about or to become aware of other peoples and their cultures. [Lynch-Brown, Carol, p. 185]

Source:  Lynch-Brown, Carol.  Essentials of Children's Literature. 5th edition.  Boston, Pearson Education, 2005


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