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Philosophy: Modern-Contemporary Philosophy

The Philosophers

To locate works written by a specific philosopher enter the philosopher's name in an author search in the library catalog.

To locate works written about a specific philosopher enter the philosopher's name in a subject search in the library catalog.

For example:  
  Descartes, Rene
  Foucault, Michel
  Nietzche, Friedrich Wilhelm


Journals specializing in modern philosophy include:
Contemporary Aesthetics
Journal of Neitzsche Studies

Articles on modern philosophy may also be found in journals with a broader theme.  See the journal articles tab for search tools.

Locating Titles by Subject

It's usually best to start with a keyword search, but subject headings applied to relevant books can help to refine your results. Open the item record of a book that interests you. Scroll down to the clickable subject headings, and run another search to explore similar books.

 You can also browse the headings associated with a particular topic as a way of getting started with your research.

Titles on Modern and Contemporary philosopy are cataloged with the broad subject heading Philosophy, Modern

Some examples are:

The Cambridge Companion to Nietzche
      GENERAL B3317 .C26 1996 

Dictionary of literary biography: British Philosophers 1800-2000
   REFERENCE PN451 .D5 v.262

The Foucault Reader
   GENERAL B2430 .F721 1984 

The Impact of Humanism on Western Europe
   GENERAL B778 .I46 1990

The making of the modern world: visions from the West and East
   GENERAL CB251 .M27 2002

Modern engendering: critical feminist readings in modern Western philosophy
   GENERAL B791 .M64 1994

Modern Women Philosophers 1600-1900
The Oxford handbook of contemporary philosophy
(print or online access)
   GENERAL B790 .O94 2005
Videorecording: The great ideas of philosophy
   UNCA DVD B72 .R63 2004
   Discs 4-10 include lectures on various issues in philosophy from the reniassance to 21st century
Videorecording: Feminist philosophers in thier own words
   UNCA DVD B105 .W6 2009
   Interviews with Sandra Bartky, Susan Bordo, Sandra Harding, Nel Noddings, Sara Ruddick and Alison M. Jaggar

Online Resources

Early Modern Texts
   Free texts from the 15th to 19th centuries.

Erratic Impact: Modern Philosophy
   Listing of important people and events with links to texts and other resources. See also 19th and 20th century guides.

Philosophy News

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