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Career and Job Research: Web Search Tools

Resources for finding a job or researching careers and companies.

Search Engines

The internet is a major source for finding job openings and internships. Try searching Google, Yahoo!, or another search engine.

Here are some good search terms to start with:


Google Web Search Box

Google Web Search

Be Careful Out There!

The Web is a very large forum of communication for profit-seeking individuals and companies as well as more altruistic endeavors. Apply the same standards of credibility to Web pages that you do to printed works.

  • Examine the URL for clues about the website's origin. Is it a government site (has ".gov" in the URL)? A college or university site (.edu)? An organization (.org)? Or a personal Web page?
  • Do the links on the page include external links to other sites, or are they mostly internal, on the same site? All internal links may indicate an insular, closed viewpoint.
  • Can you tell who is responsible for the webpage (is it a person or an organization)? Does the page include an address, telephone number, background information, e-mail address?
  • Can you tell when the page was last updated? Currency is extremely important for job seekers.

Key Resources for Searching the Web

There are many services on the Web for job seekers and for employers. The UNCA Career Center has links to a more organized selection of sites. This is just a very small sample of what is on the World Wide Web.

Creative or Unusual Professions

Visit webpages that showcase the work of individual entrepreneurs or artisans to find out how other people are making a living doing what they love, or look at job listings to see how you can do the same. Here are a few fun examples:

Searching for Local Jobs

The following websites provide information for job seekers in the Asheville area. To find similar resources for  other locations within the U. S., try adding the name of the city or county you are interested in to your search term. For example, "Jobs and Charlotte, NC."

Searching for Jobs in Other Countries