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Foreign Languages: Books and Reference

Finding Books

To find books at UNC Asheville, Appalachian State University or Western Carolina University, start with our catalog.  

Choose "Request Item" to have books from ASU or WCU delivered to UNC Asheville via ABC Express.

To find books beyond our library network, try WorldCat.

Materials not held within our network can be requested through Interlibrary Loan.

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Browsing by Call Number

Most books relating to the ancient Greek language can be found between the call numbers PA201 and PA899 on our Upper Level.

Most books relating to Latin can be found between the call numbers PA2001 and PA2915 also on our Upper Level.

Most books relating to the Hebrew language can be found between the call numbers PJ4501 and PJ5192 on our Upper Level.

Other relevant areas include:

B108 - B708                 Ancient Philosophy (Philosophers and Schools by Period)
BM1                              Judaism
CC1                              Archaeology
CN1                              Inscriptions, Epigraphy
DE1 - DE100                 History of the Greco-Roman World
DF10 - DF951               History of Greece
DG11 - DG999               History of Italy
DS101 - DS151             History of Israel, Palestine, the Jews
NA190 - NA1555.5         History of Architecture
NB60 - NB1115             History of Sculpture
PA3050 - PA4505          Greek Literature
PA6001 - PA8595          Latin Literature
PJ5001 - PJ5060            Hebrew Literature
PJ5111 - PJ5192            Yiddish

Books in Greek and Latin

To find a book written in Greek or Latin, go to the WNCLN Catalog and select "Advanced Keyword" in the "(More Searches)" box. Click the green arrow. Now put in the title, author, or keyword for the book you are looking for and select "Greek" or "Latin" in the "Language" box near the bottom of the screen.

Books to Consider