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British History Research Guide: Scottish History

History of Scotland

Sources to Start You Off

Basic Timeline of Scottish History

Unknown creator. Unicorn and Thistle, heraldic panel of James V. (n.d.). Wood and paint. Gatehouse of Holyrood Palace, Abbey Strand, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Prehistory (prior to 43 BCE)

Roman Britain (43 BCE to c. 410 CE)

      Romans invade Scotland (c. 79)

      Hadrian's Wall built (c. 122)

      Antonine Wall built (c. 142)

Christianization (560s)

      St. Columba arrives (c. 563)

Viking Invasion and Settlement (c. 800 to 1000s)

Kingdom of Alba and Early Scottish Kings (843 to c. 1094)

Kingdom of Scotland (c. 1094 to 1290)

First Interregnum and Crisis of Monarchy (1290 to 1296)

Second Interregnum (1296 to 1306)

First War of Scottish Independence (1292 to 1328)

      Battle of Dunbar (1296)

      Battle of Stirling Bridge (1297)

      Battle of Falkirk (1298)

      Battle of Methven (1306)

      Battle of Bannockburn (1314)

      Treaty of Edinburgh-Northampton (1328)

Second War of Scottish Independence (1332 to 1357)

       Battle of Dupplin Moor (1332)

       Battle of Halidon Hill (1333)

       Battle of Neville's Cross (1346)

       Treaty of Berwick (1357)

British Civil Wars (1639 to 1653)

Third Interregnum (1651 to 1660)

       Tender of Union (1651, not passed until 1657)

       Scotland in the Commonwealth (1652)

Restoration of Monarchy (1660)

17th Century Rebellions

       Argyll's Rising (1685)

      The Glorious Revolution (1688 to 1689)

      Jacobite Rebellions (1689 to 1748)

Acts of Union (1707)

Industrial Revolution (mid 18th century to 19th century)

The Great War (1914 to 1918)

Post War (1918 to 1939)

World War II (1939 to 1945)

Modern period (1945 to present)

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