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British History Research Guide: Using Ramsey Library

Using the Online Catalogs

You have to option to use the online catalog for your research, where you can access digital articles as well as video and audio recordings. Below are links to the Ramsey Library's online and digital catalogs, and the Western North Carolina Library Digital catalog.

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Physical Items

Ramsey Library, located on UNCA's campus, is home to many physical copies of items you can use for research. Most items related to British History can be found on the Second Floor of Ramsey Library under the following Call Numbers:

British History 1 - 995

British Histories & Historiographies 1 - 4

The British Empire 10 - 18

General History 20 - 35

Political, Military, and Foreign Relations 40 - 89

Antiquities, Social Life, and Customs 90 - 125

By Period 129 - 592

Descriptions and Travel, Guidebooks 600 - 666

Local Histories and Descriptions 670 - 690

History of Wales 700 - 744

History of Scotland 750 - 890

History of Ireland 900 - 995


For additional help, please ask a librarian at the service desk!

For More Resources

You can request physical materials via Interlibrary Loan. You can also access databases through Ramsey Library, such as JSTOR and WorldCat. Links to these sources are below.