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British History Research Guide: Welsh History

History of Wales

Sources to Start You Off

Basic Timeline of Welsh History

Charles Ernest Butler. King Arthur. 1903. Oil on canvas, 74 cm X 123 cm (29.0 in X 48.4 in). Private Collection Christopher Wood Gallery, London, England.

Prehistory (prior to 43 BCE)

Roman Britain (43 BCE to c. 410 CE)

Age of Saints (c. 411 to 700)

      King Arthur (c. 500s)

      Battle of Chester (616)

Middle Ages (700 to 1542)

      Early Medieval (700 to 1066)

      Norman (1066 to 1485)

            Welsh Revolts (1094 to 1535)

            Rule of Llywelyn Princes (1216 to 1283)

            Treaty of Worcester (1218)

            Treaty of Montgomery (1267)

            Treaty of Aberconwy (1277)

            Laws in Wales Act (1535 to 1542)

Early Modern (1485 to 1799)

Modern (1800s to present)

     Industrial Revolution (1800s)

     Welsh Revival (1904 to 1905)

     The Great War (1914 to 1918)

     World War II (1939 to 1945)

     21st Century

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