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Guide to Ramsey Library resources for transfers


Welcome to UNCA! This guide will help introduce new transfer students to Ramsey Library's resources and services. 

If you need more email us at, call us at (828)251-6111 or visit us in-person at the Research Desk on the main floor.  Come for a visit. We would like to meet you!


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LSIC 379

The LSIC 379 Introductory Colloquium is not required, but strongly recommended.  These courses are information intensive and offer excellent opportunities for you to become familiar with the library and other campus resources.  These courses are listed in the class schedule by department and the number "379" (for example, MGT 379 or Psych 379).

Welcome to Ramsey Library

Information Literacy


Information literacy is the set of skills needed to find, retrieve, analyze, and use information.

UNCA requires two Information Literacy Intensive (ILI) courses for graduation. One ILI is earned through completion of LANG 120. Transfer students may receive an ILI course credit by completing an LSIC 379 Introductory Colloquium.

You may also take courses designated as information literacy intensive (ILI) in your major or minor, in the Integrative Liberal Studies Program, or among electives.

Information Literacy Intensive Course Goals:

1.     Find information presented in different formats (for example, in books, scholarly journals, and authoritative web sites).

2.     Evaluate information presented in different formats.

3.     Integrate information from different sources into their assignments.

4.     Cite information from different formats as appropriate to the discipline in which they are writing.

5.     Demonstrate academic integrity by respecting intellectual property, using information ethically, and avoiding plagiarizing.


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