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Transfer Students: Spaces and Facilities

Guide to Ramsey Library resources for transfers

Finding Your Way Around the Library

Ramsey Library has three floors; upper, main, and lower levels.  The Circulation Desk and the Research Desk are located on the main level. Most books are shelved on the upper and lower levels.  See the library map for locations of other resources and services.

Study Spaces

Ramsey Library has many spaces available to meet the needs of both individual study and group study. Throughout the library you will find tables for group work, comfy couches and chairs, as well as individual study carrels.

Quiet Study- Looking for a quiet place to study?  The top floor is designated as a quiet area.

Group Study Rooms
Working on a group project? Ramsey Library has 11 rooms located on the lower and upper levels that are available to groups for a three-hour check-out. All rooms have a table with 5 chairs, and a large screen monitor for laptop hook-ups. Check out group study room keys at the Circulation Desk.  Check-outs are on a first-come-first-served basis

Student Private Study Carrels
Applications for private study rooms are available at the Circulation Desk. Priority is given to seniors working on undergraduate research projects. These rooms check out for an entire semester.

Private storage cabinets - These small cabinets are locked and only the person assigned to a specific cabinet has the key. Applications for cabinets are available at the Circulation Desk. Cabinets may be checked out for a semester.

Media Viewing Rooms
Four media viewing rooms are located on the lower floor. The rooms include a TV, DVD/VCR, and comfortable seating. If you wish to use a Media Viewing Room, please stop by the Circulation Desk to check out the key. These rooms are available for a 3-hour time block.

Disabilities Study Room – There are two rooms on the lower floor that are access-friendly for those with learning or physical challenges.


You may check out laptops from the Circulation Desk for use within the library. Laptops are wireless-enabled and loaded with Microsoft Office suite.

Teaching and Learning with Technology Resources

Video and still digital cameras, audio recording equipment, projectors and more are available from Teaching and Learning with Technology Resources (TLTR) deparment which is located on the lower floor of the library.  TLTR also provides viewing stations and rooms, multimedia work stations and video and audio production services.

Special Collections

Ramsey Library's Special Collections department houses a rich collection of local and regional archival materials. More than 12,00 archival items have been digitized and are available on the library website. Visit Special Collections online or in person on the upper level of the library

Writing Center

Located on the main floor, the Writing Center offers assistance with all types of writing. Call for an appointment (251-6596) or just drop in.

Printing,Scanning, Copying

The Library has two black and white and one color printer/scanner. Black and white pages are 5 cents per printed side, and color pages are 20 cents per printed side.  Printing is free up to $10.00 per semester. Students have $10.00 automatically assigned to their ID number at the beginning of each semester. This money can only be used for printing.

There are three scan-to-email machines on the main floor in the Current Periodicals area.  The color printer has scanning capabilities and there is a scanner attached to PC #24 on the low counter in the online catalog area on the main floor.

There is a color copier on the main floor near the research desk.

Student Technical Services

Visit Student Technology Services, beside the Research Desk, for help with internet connection issues as well as software and malware problems.