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The Collection Management Department develops and maintains collections of resources to support the teaching and research efforts of the University community.  The department works with faculty and librarians through the Library Liaison Program to build current collections.  The department assesses, measures and evaluates resources in terms of quality, usage and appropriateness to changing needs, and allocates the Library's collections budget. The Department represents UNC Asheville in regional and national consortia collections efforts.

Collection Management is responsible for acquisition, access, metadata/cataloging and deaccession of library materials in print and electronic formats to meet the research, teaching, and learning initiatives at UNC Asheville.

The department’s work and goals are related to the following areas:

This includes ordering of print books, single title eBooks, audio-visual materials, and out-of-print titles selected by librarians and researchers; maintains continuous communications with vendors; creates accurate records of payment and ownership, monitoring the materials budget, processing payments, and reconciling invoices; works closely with the University’s Accounts Payable Department.

This includes ordering, invoicing, and maintaining the Library’s electronic resources and print serials; oversees the checking-in and binding of print serials, standing orders, and government documents; performs daily troubleshooting of access issues for all types of electronic resources (such as databases, e-journals, e-books) and ensures all subscriptions are up-to-date for continuous and reliable access; sets up and maintains access points for all of the Library’s e-resources.

This includes organizing, describing, and processing materials to provide access to tangible and intangible resources via the Library’s databases and for digital objects in the Library’s content management systems; creates and maintains metadata in records for enhanced discovery of materials in a variety of formats and subject areas. Performs inventory control, physical processing of items, and receiving and routing of materials purchased by or donated to the Library.

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Vicki Fox
Acquisitions Coordinator

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E- Resources Librarian