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About Us: Computer and Network Usage

Computer and Network Usage Policy



Computing resources in Ramsey Library are provided to support UNC Asheville’s educational and curricular needs. Visitors to Ramsey Library are asked to treat the library’s collections and resources with care and to respect the library as a communal space dedicated to academic pursuits. These precepts apply to usage of library computers, where visitors are asked to support academic endeavors and to show respect to other library users by avoiding loud or otherwise distracting content while using public workstations.  


The Library provides access to research materials and computing technologies to identify, locate and use scholarly resources. Of necessity, this policy restricts library patrons to legal, appropriate and fair use of a limited number of library computers so that the UNC Asheville community benefits from access and services.


Library computing and networking users must comply with UNC Asheville policies.


Permissible Use

Students, faculty, and staff doing academic work have priority use of library workstations.


Library patrons may use computing and networking technologies in the Library with the following restrictions:

  1. The use is not for illegal acts under federal or state law, pornography, or gambling.

  2. The use does not violate federal or state laws or University policies on copyright and trademark.

  3. The use does not impede academic work.


The library will monitor usage of library computer workstations to ensure security and operating performance of its systems and networks. Users should inform library staff of equipment problems and should not reboot or tamper with computer or network settings or machinery.


As the number of computer workstations is limited, the library reserves the right to reclaim workstations being used for personal or recreational purposes and to reassign them to users who need to identify or access research materials or complete coursework assignments.


Loud or distracting content or behavior impedes academic work and is not allowed in the library. Users should report any problems to library staff.


Violation of Policy

The University Librarian may suspend a user’s computing privileges for as long as necessary in order to protect the Library’s computing resources. Violations of law may be referred for criminal or civil prosecution in accordance with University policy.