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The CrAFT Studio at UNC Asheville: Welcome to the CrAFT Studio

Now open on Ramsey Library's Lower Level, the CrAFT Studio is a multi-use creativity studio at the intersection of technology, creativity, and scholarship.

Ramsey Library is proud to house the CrAFT (Creativity, Art, Fabrication, and Technology) Studio, located on the library's lower level!

D. Hiden Ramsey Library, located at the heart of UNC Asheville’s campus, is the vital center of the pursuit of knowledge at UNC Asheville - inspiring intellectual curiosity, partnering in scholarly endeavors, anticipating information and service needs, exceeding expectations and embodying the university's highest aims. The CrAFT (Creativity, Art, Fabrication, and Technology) Studio, funded in part by a LSTA EZ Literacy & Lifelong Learning Grant, is a student-driven space adjacent to the Media Design Lab where all UNC Asheville students, faculty, and staff can utilize a myriad of tools to be creative at the intersection of technology, creativity, and scholarship. Rather than just calling our studio a “makerspace”, we see the CrAFT Studio as a multi-use space meshing elements of a multitude of creative spaces, be they drafting studios, machine shops, or the quintessential artist studio. We currently have 3 3D printers, 2 large-form printers, 20 iPad minis, 5 iPad Pros and Apple Pencils, mobile furniture, and much more to come, creating a dynamic studio environment where creativity, scholarship, critical thinking, and inquiry work in concert with one another. The CrAFT Studio is truly a hub for creativity and collaboration for all majors on our campus!

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Regular Operating Hours
Monday through Friday
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

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