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D. Hiden Ramsey Library, University of North Carolina at Asheville

The CrAFT Studio at UNC Asheville: Large Format Printing Information

Now open on Ramsey Library's Lower Level, the CrAFT Studio is a multi-use creativity studio at the intersection of technology, creativity, and scholarship.

Large Format Printing Information

Large Format Printing In Ramsey Library

Ramsey Library is now the home of two large format printers in the CrAFT Studio, located on the Lower Level, available for current UNC Asheville student, faculty, and staff use with a valid UNC Asheville e-mail address.

Paper Sizes, Types, and Pricing

Custom sizes are available upon request, subject to availability of paper. More details on paper stocked is on our Frequently Asked Questions page.
Paper Size Paper Type Pricing
Letter (8.5 x 11 in.)
Heavyweight (Coated or Cardstock) $1.25
Photo (Satin or Glossy) $2.50
Ledger/Tabloid (11 x 17 in.) Standard (Bond) $1.25
Heavyweight (Coated or Cardstock) $2.50
Photo (Satin or Glossy) $5.00
ARCH B/Tabloid Extended (12 x 18 in.) Standard (Bond) $2.50
Heavyweight (Coated or Cardstock) $5.00
Super B/A3 (13 x 19 in.) Standard (Bond) $3.75
Heavyweight (Coated or Cardstock) $7.50
Photo (Satin or Glossy) $15.00
Small Poster (18 x 24 in.) Standard (Bond or Translucent Vellum) $5.00
Heavyweight (Coated) $10.00
Photo (Satin or Glossy) $20.00
Medium Poster (24 x 36 in.) Standard (Bond or Translucent Vellum) $10.00
Heavyweight (Coated) $15.00
Photo (Glossy or Satin) $30.00
Premium (Matte Polypropylene or Canvas) $45.00
Large Poster (36 x 48 in.) Standard (Bond) $15.00
Heavyweight (Coated) $20.00
Photo (Glossy or Satin) $40.00
Premium (Matte Polypropylene or Canvas) $60.00
Please allow three (3) business days for print processing.
$5.00 surcharge for priority printing*

$10.00 surcharge for express printing**
* Priority printing is defined as guaranteed two (2) business day printing.

** Express printing is defined as guaranteed next business day printing.
Same-day printing will be accepted on a case-by-case basis but is NOT guaranteed and will carry the express printing $10 surcharge.

Large Format Printing Request Process

  1. Submit your request; submit your job via the Large Format Printing Submission Form as a PDF or static image file. No other file types will be accepted.
  2. Pay for the request; if you selected Credit Card as your payment method, you will receive a follow-up e-mail from one of the CrAFTy Crew with a price and notification that the charge is applied to your library account. You can pay for your submissions at the Circulation Desk on the main level of the library. If you selected Departmental Invoice, a valid departmental fund number must be provided before request can be processed. Requests must be paid for, either by credit card or by providing a valid departmental fund number, before they are processed, and requests not paid for within seven (7) days from the submission date will be deleted.
  3. The Crew prints your items; our CrAFTy Crew gets to work printing your requests! Printing takes time to queue up, print, dry, and process.
  4. Pick up your completed items; You will receive an email when your items are successfully created and ready to go with a link to the contactless pick up and drop off calendar. You will select a 15 minute window to come pick up your completed and sanitized items! If you paid for priority or express processing, you MUST pay for your items before picking them up!