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The CrAFT Studio at UNC Asheville: Lower Level Sound Booth Reservations (LibCal)

Now open on Ramsey Library's Lower Level, the CrAFT Studio is a multi-use creativity studio at the intersection of technology, creativity, and scholarship.

Lower Level Sound Booth Scheduler

To reserve one of the lower level sound booths, please click on the button above which will take you to the Sound Booth Scheduler in a new window. Please note the following:

  • You MUST make a reservation to use these spaces.
  • The sound booths are available for current UNC Asheville students, faculty, and staff use only.
  • Only active UNC Asheville emails may be used to reserve the space, as you must confirm your registration via e-mail within fifteen (15) minutes of completing the reservation form.
  • The maximum requestable time for each sound booth is two (2) consecutive hours.
    • If you need the sound booth for longer than two (2) consecutive hours, for a recurring event (e.g. a class meeting, an organization meeting, or ensemble rehearsal), or for a senior capstone installation, please contact Amanda Glenn-Bradley, User Engagement Librarian and indicate in the body of the e-mail what you need the space for.
  • Furniture cannot be removed from the spaces without prior authorization and the electric pianos absolutely cannot be removed from the spaces. Failure to comply will result in a suspension of sound booth access.
  • These sound booths are not completely sound proof. Please be cognizant of others around you, especially when folks are utilizing the Self-Service Audio Booth or Self-Service Video Booth.
  • UNC Asheville library staff reserve the right to reschedule sessions without notification, but will endeavor to communicate with users.