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D. Hiden Ramsey Library, University of North Carolina at Asheville

The CrAFT Studio at UNC Asheville: About the Studio

Now open on Ramsey Library's Lower Level, the CrAFT Studio is a multi-use creativity studio at the intersection of technology, creativity, and scholarship.

Welcome to the CrAFT Studio, located at the intersection of technology, creativity, and scholarship!

CrAFT stands for Creativity, Art, Fabrication, and Technology, which other than being a catchy acronym, encompasses the multiple facets of what the studio represents in modern scholarship. We're equal parts maker lab, creative commons, flexible use space, and living room. We provide large format printing and 3D printing for UNC Asheville's entire campus community (students, faculty, and staff) and opportunities for hands-on experience with emerging technologies like the iPad mini and iPad Pro.
...did we also mention we have a LEGO wall?

This space is designed for ALL UNC Asheville students, staff, and faculty to utilize for both projects associated with work/school, but also for their own personal use.

Meet the CrAFTy Crew

(Staff Biographies)

Amanda G. (she/hers) - User Engagement Librarian & Coordinator of the CrAFT Studio

Birthday: September 28th
Hometown: Knoxville, TN/Marshall, NC
Major/Minor: Well, I'm the old boss, but I've got degrees in horticulture/geoscience (B.S. Mississippi State University), history (B.A. UNC Asheville), and library and information studies (M.L.I.S. UNC Greensboro).

What Are You Currently...

I'm working my way back through anime of my youth bit by bit! Currently I'm re-watching Mobile Suit Gundam Wing and Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon (in anticipation of the new movie!) While I work, I keep a playlist of Let's Plays on YouTube in the background, and I will also pop on an episode or three of Great British Baking Show or Nailed It if I need to unwind.
Playing?: Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Tetris 99 (shoutout to CrAFTy Alumni Gaby for getting me hooked!), Jeopardy!, and yes, Among Us.
Reading?: We are Not Free by Traci Chee and a giant pile of webcomics for a chapter I'm working on for an upcoming book!
Listening to?: My music tastes are all over the place! In the studio or in my office, I do play a LOT of K-pop, and I am so not sorry over that one. If I had to narrow that down to a couple of groups, I would pick Stray Kids and A.C.E. as my current favorites. I'm also a 90's kid to my core and will listen to mid-to-late 90's pop, rock, and metal any day of the week.

What Does the CrAFT Studio Mean to You?: The studio is the best representation of the liberal arts that there is; we're inter-sectional, interdisciplinary, and interactive. We allow folks to get creative and have fun without the pressures of being an artistic or technical expert.

New Staff Bios Coming Soon!

CrAFT Studio Operating Hours
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Summer 2022 Hours
By Appointment Only
Contact us at
for inquiries about lead time!

Connect with the CrAFT Studio:

The CrAFT Studio Alumni

Mason Parnell
(Psychology & New Media, UNC Asheville Class of 2017)

Ragan Harrison
(Engineering, matriculated to NC State Class of 2020)

Logan Patterson
(Industrial Products & Design, matriculated to NC State Class of 2020)

Rae Steinberg
(New Media, UNC Asheville Class of 2017)

Keri O'Hern
(New Media, UNC Asheville Class of 2018)

Hann Henson
(Psychology, UNC Asheville Class of 2017 & New Media, Class of 2018)

Clara Murray
(New Media, Creative Writing, & French, UNC Asheville Class of 2018)

Zach Weston-Farber
(New Media & Mass Communication, UNC Asheville Class of 2018)

Gaby Brodman
(Art & New Media, UNC Asheville Class of 2019)

Michael Parker
(Computer Science & New Media, UNC Asheville Class of 2019)

Mario Zigante
(New Media & Art, UNC Asheville Class of 2019 - Honorary CrAFTy Crew Member)

K. Jordan
(Visiting Student, Linguistics, UNC Chapel Hill)

Natalie Melech
(New Media & Psychology, UNC Asheville Class of 2021)

Mia Cole
(Spanish & French, UNC Asheville Class of 2021)

Chat with the CrAFTy Crew