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Events & Exhibits: 2011 Exhibits

2011 Exhibits

"Body Curious": The Art and Science of Accessing the Human Body by Sarah Ashley Reeves
Painting and sculpture by UNCA senior Sarah Ashley Reeves. The exhibition researches artistic and visual techniques with which to make aspects of the human body more accessible to the general public. The inspiration for this series stems from a personal interest in the convergence of art and medicine, and works both artistically and scientifically to "dissect" the body and translate its essence into art rather than medical illustration. On display December 2011.

Pierced by Leigh Svenson
Photographs by Leigh Svenson. Svenson is fascinated with the phenomenon of physical adornment. People are modifying their heads and bodies with piercings at an increasing rate. This practice, once considered revolutionary and avant-garde in Western culture, is now a generally accepted style. Svenson sought to photograph piercings on faces and ears, and this exhibit is the result. On display October 2011.

Oguz Erdur

Print/Stitch/Beat: Process, Product and Community at Asheville BookWorks
BookWorks students & faculty. The exhibit is meant to celebrate book arts and BookWorks as a local resource. The display is grouped by process, including wall text, photos, and artwork. Their website can be found here. On display August-September 2011.

Capturing the Essence by Diane Bove and Michael Smith.
Acrylic paintings and silk wall hangings by local artists Diane Bove & Michael Smith. Smith's website can be found here. On display June-July 2011.

Illustrating Cartoon Narratives by Jared Espinoza
Drawings and prints by UNCA senior Jared Espinoza. The intent of his artwork is to study different cartoon artists and explore the identifiable features associated with this style, such as character proportions, facial expressions, compositions, and manipulated perspectives, in order to make a consistent body of work that reflects the original 18th and 19th century cartoon ideal as well as his own unique cartoon vision. On display April-May 2011.

Cracks, Doorways, and Portals by Tracey Schmidt
Photography and poetry. Tracey Schmidt's website can be found here. On display April 2011.

Intimacy and Contemplation by Norma Bradley and Vicki Essig
Fiber and photography. The exhibit presents recent work by Norma Bradley and Vicki Essig that incorporates the elements of time, nature and contemplation. Both artists, working with fiber, demonstrate unique approaches to their goal of bringing the viewer closer to share in a quiet contemplative place. Bradley's website can be found here, and Essig's website can be found here. On display March 2011.

The Soul Tree: Poems and Photographs of the Southern Appalachians by John Fletcher and Laura Hope-Gill
JoA collaboration of poet Laura Hope-Gill and photographer John Fletcher Jr. The exhibition features images and poems from the book Soul Tree, as well as recent work inspired by it. The photographs, which capture the essence of the uniquely beautiful Southern Appalachian landscapes, are accompanied by the haunting lyric poems. The poems illuminate themes of vision, faith, healing, and the sacredness of nature while the photographs capture both the form and spirit of the land. Fletcher's website an be found here, and Hope-Gill's website can be found here. Pn display February 2011.

Essence of Asheville by Marsha Balbier.
Fused glass and encaustic art by Marsha Balbier. The exhibition includes works in fused and shaped glass as well as encaustic paintings, which are created using heated beeswax. The encaustic technique dates back to ancient Egypt, when it was used to create mummy portraits. More information about Balbier can be found here. On display January 2011.

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